A cornerstone of Warrego's strategy is the successful definition, field application and validation of key enabling technology. The oil sector has a poor record in the introduction of technology. As an educated and efficient early adopter of technology, Warrego will enjoy significant advantages. Increased productivity and ultimate recoverability will be available to Warrego following technical and commercial success.

The experience and networks available to Warrego generate productive technological partnerships. These partnerships will help transform reservoir plays into highly commercial investments.

Warrego focuses on:

  • Low invasion drilling fluids to mitigate reservoir damage and increase productivity
  • Seismic processing technology to wring 'sweet spots' from historic seismic data. This will allow Warrego to optimise well locations and maximise productivity
  • Ballistics technologies that have the proven capability to dramatically reduce fracture breakdown pressure and improve productivity in suitable reservoirs by 20%

Warrego is setting the benchmark for rapid deployment of technology in a focused and efficient way to increase the technically available unconventional gas reserves across the company's portfolio.